Learning to Lead

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Why You Should Read This Book

"Ron Williams takes the reader on a journey from his humble beginnings as a brother where no one in his family attended college to leading a fortune 500 company and serving as Director of American Express, The Boeing Company and Johnson & Johnson. He provides valuable insights on leading one’s self, leading others, and leading an organization. The text debuted at #7 in the Hardcover Business category on The Wall Street Journal Best Seller List." - Larry K. Hampton, Ph.D.


More About Larry K. Hampton, Ph.D.

Larry Hampton has a unique career that has stretched across the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government and academia. He currently serves as a manager/team-team lead in Quality Operations and as the program manager of the Supervisory Development Program at Pfizer. In addition, he teaches a course on Leadership in Biotechnology at the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

He has been married to the same ebony goddess for the past thirty-five years and is the proud father of three grown and gone extraordinary adults. He and his better half live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and have recently purchased yet another dump to flip.


About the Book

In Learning to Lead: The Journey to Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading an Organization, Ron Williams provides you with practical, tested leadership advice, whether you’re searching for a new career, looking for proven management solutions, or seeking to transform your organization. Developed from Williams’s own personal and professional journey, as well as the experiences of America’s leading CEOs, these strategies emerge boldly from engaging stories, outlined with practical steps for you to accomplish goals such as—

• Launching your career quest
• Avoiding professional pitfalls, wrong turns, and wasted effort
• Overcoming interpersonal challenges and conflicts
• Building and leading an effective, high-performance team
• Prioritizing and solving problems from multiple perspectives
• Developing your leadership style and mastering communication
• Casting a vision and changing the culture of your organization

After finishing Learning to Lead, you will be well equipped to take the next step to success in your personal and professional leadership journey. Williams’s book has the potential to join other leadership development classics on your shelf—to be read repeatedly and consulted throughout the span of your career.

About the Author

Ron Williams is best known for his leadership at Aetna, where he transformed a $292 million operating loss into $2 billion in annual earnings. He has extensive leadership experience, including multiple board memberships, executive coaching clients, and a seat on the President’s Management Advisory Board from 2011 to 2017.

Williams currently serves as the chairman and CEO of RW2 Enterprises, and as a director for American Express, Boeing, and Johnson & Johnson. He holds an M.S. in management from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.